Travel During COVID – What to Expect

Thinking about taking a trip during the pandemic? Here are the things you need to know…

I just came back from a quick trip to TRS Coral resort in Playa Mujeres, Mexico. This area is north of Cancun. I flew from Newark Airport (EWR) out of New Jersey and would be happy to share my experiences.

On the plane, as well as in the airport(s) you need to wear your mask, unless you are eating or drinking. On United, no food was available in economy, and only “snack boxes” (pre-packaged crackers, chips, cheese dips, almonds, imitation Slim Jim, etc) were available. Drinks were available in First Class.

The United Club offered Drinks, and had pre-packaged muffins, yogurt, etc…

Upon arrival in Mexico, the immigration forms and custom forms that you usually fill out were still passed out on the plane. Tracy, from my office, went on American Airlines and the forms were not passed out. These forms are now available online, so I advise you to do it beforehand.

The only addition is a health form. You do this online before you go and before you come home. A QR code is generated on your phone, or you can print the code.

No one checked my code when I arrived, but I noticed and passed by a large electronic temperature monitoring station as I walked to the baggage area.

The airline check in counter had the site to download the code.  The code was scanned as I went through Mexican Security on the way home.

Masks are to be worn on the transfer to the hotel, but that is hard to do while drinking a Corona!

Upon getting to the resort, your temperature is taken, and then it is the regular check in procedure, all while wearing a mask. All resort workers, from the check in, to the pool and beach workers, all waiters, etc… are always masked!  In the public areas, all guests need to wear masks.

Hand sanitizer was available and mandated at all points.  

Restaurants and Bars

The restaurants are al a carte. For breakfast, they also had a “buffet section”. This section is now modified. No more self-serve!  The items, even those that are “pre-bowled”, like a cup of yogurt or fruit, are served to you. Bread, Bagels, rolls, etc… are sliced and toasted for you. It is then put on your plate by a restaurant worker.

All menus are electronic. You scan the QR code and read the menu from your phone. No paper menus to handle.

In this resort, we went to the Sushi bar one night for dinner. The masked Sushi Chef said he would make us a “special”. He asked what we liked, and didn’t like, then presented a masterpiece.

All of the bars had enough room to allow for social distancing.

Beach and Pool

There was plenty of room for “social distancing” at the pool, pool bar, and beach. The resorts are only allowed to be at 60% maximum occupancy as of this time. In fact, with less people, there was no need for my husband to get up early to “claim” a beach or pool spot.


I could list the entry requirements for each county, but it changes every day. Call me if you have any questions. Would I go back in “these uncertain times”? Absolutely. In fact, my next trip is already booked. I’m going back in December and it can’t come soon enough.

Travel agent, Samantha Nicoletti has over 36 years in the Travel Industry, and has been the operating manager for Anthony Travel, of Howell, NJ for the last 25+ years.

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